JAN.1 (credit: Michael Lowe)

Draw 10,000 of something.

John Green drawing 170,000 circles

JAN.2 (credit: Anna Lucia)


Code Golf: Dither a Grayscale Image
The article I wish I had about monochrome image dithering
Joel Yliluoma’s arbitrary-palette positional dithering algorithm
Free blue noise textures

JAN.3 (credit: Lionel Radisson)


JAN.4 (credit: Alexis André)

The next next Fidenza.

Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza

JAN.5 (credit: Thomas Lin Pedersen)

Destroy a square.

JAN.6 (credit: Alex Naka)

Trade styles with a friend.

JAN.7 (credit: Roni Kaufman)

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing.

Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective
Here Are the Instructions for Sol LeWitt’s 1971 Wall Drawing for the School of the MFA Boston
Why are Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings so influential?
Sol Lewitt-Wall Painting 118

JAN.8 (credit: Bruce Holmer)

Single curve only.

JAN.9 (credit: Lionel Radisson)


JAN.10 (credit: Roni Kaufman)

Machine learning, wrong answers only.

JAN.11 (credit: Lionel Radisson)

No computer.

JAN.12 (credit: Richard Vigniel)

Packing (squares, circles, any shape…)

JAN.13 (credit: Ben Kovach)



JAN.14 (credit: Devi Parikh)

Something you’d never make.

JAN.15 (credit: Thomas Lin Pedersen)


JAN.16 (credit: Quag)

Color gradients gone wrong.

JAN.17 (credit: Deniz)

3 colors.

JAN.18 (credit: GenerateMe)


JAN.19 (credit: Piter Pasma)

Use text/typography.

JAN.20 (credit: Sabin T)

Make a sea of shapes.

JAN.21 (credit: Michael Lowe)

Combine two (or more) of your pieces from previous days to make a new piece.

JAN.22 (credit: Michael Lowe)

Make something that will look completely different in a year.

JAN.23 (credit: Louis-André Labadie)

Abstract vegetation.

JAN.24 (credit: Quag)

Create your own pseudo-random number generator and visually check the results.

JAN.25 (credit: Jos Vromans)


JAN.26 (credit: Quag)

Airport carpet.

Google image search
Bing image search
Portland International Airport carpet
Hotel carpets photographed by Bill Young

JAN.27 (credit: Michael Lowe)

#2E294E #541388 #F1E9DA #FFD400 #D90368

JAN.28 (credit: Michael Lowe)

Self portrait.

JAN.29 (credit: Chris Ried)

Isometric perspective.

JAN.30 (credit: Bart Simons)

Organic looking output using only rectangular shapes.

JAN.31 (credit: Michael Lowe)

Negative space.


Big thanks goes out to all these people for contributing to GENUARY and generally being awesome.


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