JAN. 1 (credit: arikwex, Reva)

Perfect loop / Infinite loop / endless GIFs

Examples of perfect loops on Giphy
TIP, use ffmpeg to turn a bunch of PNG frames into an MP4:
ffmpeg -r 30 -i "frame%04d.png" -pix_fmt yuv420p -movflags +faststart perfectloop.mp4

JAN. 2 (credit: Daniel Simu (hapiel))

Made in 10 minutes

Click here to find out how long 10 minutes take

JAN. 3 (credit: generetame)

Glitch Art

Wikipedia: Glitch Art

JAN. 4 (credit: Yazid)


JAN. 5 (credit: jenslabs)

Debug view

JAN. 6 (credit: Daniel Catt)

Steal Like An Artist

JAN. 7 (credit: Luca)

Sample a color palette from your favorite movie/album cover

JAN. 8 (credit: Camille Roux)

Signed Distance Functions

Piter explains how to SDFs
2D distance functions by Inigo Quilez
3D distance functions by Inigo Quilez
Wikipedia: Signed Distance Functions

JAN. 9 (credit: Lionel Radisson)


JAN. 10 (credit: Steve Pikelny (scyclow))

Generative music

Wikipedia: Aleatoric music

JAN. 11 (credit: Eric Davidson)


Wikipedia: Suprematism

JAN. 12 (credit: Devi)


Wikipedia: Tesselation
Wikipedia: List of Tesselations

JAN. 13 (credit: huminaboz)

Something you’ve always wanted to learn

JAN. 14 (credit: Melissa Wiederrecht)


Dictionary: Asemic Wikipedia: Asemic writing

JAN. 15 (credit: Jess Hewitt, Yazid)

Sine waves

Fun with sine waves: 1D wobbly noise

JAN. 16 (credit: Ryan)

Reflection of a reflection

JAN. 17 (credit: Andrea Diotallevi)

A grid inside a grid inside a grid

JAN. 18 (credit: Daniel Simu (hapiel))

Definitely not a grid

JAN. 19 (credit: Lionel Radisson)

Black and white

JAN. 20 (credit: Artefakt (Artefakt7))

Art Deco

Wikipedia: Art Deco

JAN. 21 (credit: arikwex)

Persian Rug

Wikipedia: Persian carpet

JAN. 22 (credit: Luca)


JAN. 23 (credit: Daniel Simu (hapiel))

More Moiré

Wikipedia: Moiré

JAN. 24 (credit: Daniel Simu (hapiel))


JAN. 25 (credit: Anna Lucia)

Yayoi Kusama

Wikipedia: Yayoi Kusama Image search: Yayoi Kusama

JAN. 26 (credit: Melissa Wiederrecht)

My kid could have made that

JAN. 27 (credit: Roni)

In the style of Hilma Af Klint

Hilma af Klint: List of works

JAN. 28 (credit: Roni)

Generative poetry

JAN. 29 (credit: Steve Pikelny (scyclow), Yazid)


JAN. 30 (credit: Steve Pikelny (scyclow), Yazid)


JAN. 31 (credit: Alex Naka, RalenArc)

Deliberately break one of your previous images, take one of your previous works and ruin it.

Alternatively, remix one of your previous works.


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